Whether the question was popped yesterday or last year, I'm here to walk you through your first steps of wedding planning.

You deserve to have a stress-free and enjoyable planning experience and as a seasoned wedding vendor, I'm here to help. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite wind down drink, and read through what I would do next!!


Okay, it sounds obvious but don't forget this step! Pop a bottle of champagne, have a party with friends, do whatever you want to celebrate this SUPER exciting time. You only get engaged to the love of your life once - take advantage of it!!

2. Set a budget + Guest Count

This step can feel the most overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be. Take it slow and work together to come up with a rough number that you can invest into your day. I know it's not the most fun step but it will be essential to do before moving forward with the rest of the planning process! And remember, invite who YOU want to your wedding - not others.


This will make it feel so real! It's crucial to pick a date before you start inquiring with vendors. If you are unsure of an exact date, decide on a season or time frame you would love to get married! As a Michigan bride, you'll need to take into account location and season. Michigan weddings can be beautiful in any season, it's just another thing to consider!

4. make a pinterest board

Another crucial step before booking vendors - get to know the vibe you're looking for! This part is usually the most fun and if we're being honest, I bet you already have some inspo sitting in a board from before you were even engaged (been there, done that). But now it's finally time to bring those Pinterest boards to life!! Scroll through and take note of what is similar about the inspo you have saved. Is is the colors, a specific theme, a location? What does your dream wedding look like?

5. book a venue

Now that you know the vibe you're looking for, it's time to look for a venue. Some of the most stunning Michigan wedding venues are located throughout Metro Detroit. If you are looking for some hidden gem venues throughout Michigan or in the Detroit area, make sure to reach out to me, I've got lots to share! This is the first and most important vendor to book - your venue sets the entire vibe of your day (including your photos)!

6. Find a photographer

Obviously I'm a little biased, but photography is likely your most prioritized vendor and one that you should book immediately following your venue. Your wedding photographer will be with you more than anyone else on your wedding day so do not take lightly of this task. Be sure to find someone you feel comfortable with! Still searching for your dream wedding photographer? Let's connect on my 'contact' page. I'd love to guide you further in your planning process!